Friday, December 9, 2016

Snow Geese, Eider and a Coyote (04-09Dec2016)

Getting back from Costa Rica I was hit with about 3 million emails and constant teleconferences but I was still able to get away a couple times to look at some already reported birds.

Snow Geese have been seen several times at Veteran's Park in Wilmington this past week so I had to go check it out.  This was a "Blue" morph Snow Goose with a couple Canadas.

When I first saw this combo the white goose looked smaller and it made me think of Ross's but it was also a Snow.

I love the detail on this bad boy.

Later in the week Sam C posted that Dr. P found a Common Eider at Johnny Mercer's Pier, so off I went in between TCs.

Common Eider - Chocolatey brown goodness.

Very obliging bird.  It's still hanging out as of today.

This morning I went to Fort Fisher and found my own Blue phase Snow Geese.

As I was checking them out, a large canine ran out across the field towards them!  I initially thought someone let their dog out, but this was not a domestic dog....

Coyote!  I have seen them at Ft. Fisher before but usually just a glimpse as they tend to be very shy.

This one was very red looking and I have to wonder if the Red Wolves of Alligator NWR have spread their genes to some of the NC Coyotes.

The Snow Geese easily flew away from the Coyote and just continued to feed as the encounter was just usual business.

I plan on adding Costa Rica installment 2 tomorrow.  I have so many pictures it has been taking every minute of my free time going through them and weeding out the bad ones.

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